Achievement gap persists at Cabrillo schools

Did you know that the Coastside achievement gap is the worst in the entire United States between Hispanic students and their white counterparts according to a recent Stanford University study?

Your first reaction might be to challenge the data or share an article “that it is getting better”. It is uncomfortable to hear reports like this so the first place folks go is to diminish the data which diminishes the voices trying to illuminate a problem.

Or you might feel angry and powerless.

At Coastside Advocacy we want to elevate voices who are trying to raise awareness about inequality in our communities AND take action to make changes based on effective, research-backed community-building methods.

What is beautiful about our work at Coastside Advocacy is we are not here to criticize. We are here to solve. But you can’t solve a problem you aren’t talking about. So let’s keep talking. We can talk about hard things and we can create a beautiful, diverse, inclusive and empowering community for everyone.

Bravo to Sarah Hayden and Half Moon Bay Review for a balanced and illuminating piece that will help us achieve that goal!

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