Healthy Civil Discourse (2)

We need to seek out different points of view and listen.
Find them. Settle in.


If you are only talking to folks who think like you, then any community action you take runs the risk of being self-serving and creates more division. Plus people want to feel consulted and included in matters that affect them and they will reward you for your genuine efforts at a deep discussion about your ideas or initiatives. They may champion your cause.

When we don’t seek out different points of view, two things follow:
1. It is hard to get community buy-in to implement initiatives or ideas.
2. Bad feelings can emerge and those bad feelings, in small towns, can not only make initiatives a success, exclusion can ripple as far out as the playground where kids mimic the exclusion they see.

We can do better. We can look around and notice, whose voice have I not heard? How can I engage?


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