Healthy Civil Discourse

We had a lovely conversation this morning in our CA meeting about the confusion about our provocative questions on Measure M. To be clear…we have two YES’s, One NO, and Three UNDECIDED in our group. We truly are a melting pot of differences and we come together every Monday to dialogue about justice and inclusion on the coast and we do not always agree. Instead, we aim to think and listen together and we aim to look and see who is not being represented in our community and elevate their voices.

—-We believe our town can be different than politics as usual.

—-We believe our town can model many voices driving the political agenda.

—-We believe that we can dialogue across differences.

—-We believe that adults who dialogue across differences not only write better laws, that stretch our dollars, protect all people, and serve the greater good, we also believe we model for our children.

What we can guarantee, is that our moderators will do reflective listening to help along healthy civil discourse on this page.

So we plan to continue to ask provocative and hard questions about;
The San Mateo County Sherriff
San Mateo County School Board
Cannabis on the Coast

Together we can rise above politics is usual by learning to engage with skill rather than defensiveness.


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