Month: March 2018

Achievements in Motion

Achievement in Motion – a report from San Mateo County and shared at the recent Zap the Gap conference. Includes county-level school statistics and case studies from districts across the county.   Read the full report Here

Tone Policing – Robot Hugs

This comic provides a thoughtful perspective on ideas that I have been considering but hadn’t quite come to such clarity. I hope you too find it useful.

Citizen Brain with Josh Kornbluth

What if one of the most profound ways you can #BeAnAdvocate is by learning to hone your “empathy” skills. Not being above or below but with someone. Research is showing the United States is getting WORSE at empathy and yet in our small town, we can buck the trend. To be a good citizen we need to

Kimberly Papilon: Talks At Google

The #1 call to action that San Mateo County gave to educators is to own and unlearn our own biases – biases of all kinds. At the #Zapthegap conference held at Oracle, San Mateo County handed the stage over to Kimberly Papillon for three hours which is unprecedented in previous Zap conferences. That is how seriously they

Listen To Each Other

Hi Advocates! How is your weekend? We are so grateful for your willingness to develop new advocacy skills, including this very hard one of LISTENING. Did you know that different cultures, ages, and genders have different ways of expressing themselves? What is your way of expressing yourself? How do you want to be heard when

Help Kids By Collaborating Rather Than Judging

One repeated narrative in our survey so far is the shaming of kids who were bullied or bullying. We know the school district is working hard with limited resources. We aim to solve by creating collaboration parent to parent, outside the school system and will be organizing a May forum for collaboration and discussion. Until

Who Is Not Here?

Hi there. How are you right now? We are so glad you are here. So one simple habit you can get into when you are out and about on the coast is to start asking yourself this simple question, “Who is not here?” When we start paying attention we start noticing locations/events / etc. that