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How Transparency Can Transform School Culture

Transparency is not only an act of inclusion but an act of pride: Pride in our community, our teachers, our leaders. “When you are using digital tools and other social media it’s like you’re yelling out the front door of your school because you are so proud of something,” Mazza said. It gives educators a

Civil Conversations

We are a really big fan of On Being Studios and Krista Tippett on Being and her work creating Civil Conversations. It is a weird thing to say but LOVE is at the centerpiece of Civil Discourse. There is no greater act of loving our community than coming to the table and engaging around our values. Even if we

Healthy Civil Discourse (2)

We need to seek out different points of view and listen. Find them. Settle in. Why? If you are only talking to folks who think like you, then any community action you take runs the risk of being self-serving and creates more division. Plus people want to feel consulted and included in matters that affect

PTA Politics

Nudge nudge…you know how we talk about inclusion in our community…like a lot lot? Well turns out there is a significant payoff for kids and potential cost savings for schools when our local PTA boards have diverse boards. When a PTA takes the time to get diverse representation on their boards all students do better

Healthy Civil Discourse

We had a lovely conversation this morning in our CA meeting about the confusion about our provocative questions on Measure M. To be clear…we have two YES’s, One NO, and Three UNDECIDED in our group. We truly are a melting pot of differences and we come together every Monday to dialogue about justice and inclusion

Talk To Us

Our intention is to create a safe space for dialogue. That marginalized voices can be heard with thoughtfulness and creativity. We find transparency and public discussion the most sincere form of respect as we investigate our local elections. Tell us…what matters to you? Private message or email us if it feels too hard to share

Say Hello To Everyone

Such a simple act, but a powerful act. We were really concerned in a private conversation with a local parent that white parents do not actively extend themselves to Hispanic parents. We can change this by a simple “hello”. Your “hello” matters!

City Counsel/School Board

As most of you know, getting representation on our city council and school board is one of our deep wishes. We want to center the voices of diverse communities, not speak for them. To us, that is true equality. We hope you will join us.


PTO boards are often overlooked places for inclusive representation but in many ways, they are the most important. It may seem like extra work but inclusion does take careful attention and extra work and it is worth it. “What stops diverse families from getting involved and how can we change our style of leading to