CoastSide Advocacy Stands with BLM

 Coastside Advocacy stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter and racial justice movements that support black, brown, and indigenous members of our community.. It is important to support people of color in our community and advocate for change toward increased justice and equity in our country, where black and brown lives have been repeatedly marginalized and oppressed. We stand with you.

To this end, we have created these lawn signs that we will be giving to those who are interested.  Please use our contact form to request one or will have some available as we stand on the corner of Main and 92 on Saturdays from 12p-2p starting 8/29/2020.

We are also working to put together lists of educational resources to help those who are interested learn more about racism and overcoming it in our society. This will include both fiction and non-fiction books and movies for kids and adults, podcasts, websites, and other organizations to donate, support, and volunteer with. We hope in time to grow this to include not just information about Black issues but also Latinx, LGBTQIA, and other minority groups. We welcome ideas for these resource lists. It’s a big project so if you are interested in helping, please contact us.

As always, we encourage everyone to listen and be kind. These are difficult times we are living in and it is only by coming together as a community that we will get through it safely. 

In peace,
Coastside Advocacy