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‘We the Animals’

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Adapted from Justin Torres’s best-selling novel, this drama set in upstate New York follows a chaotic, bicultural household that includes the sensitive young Jonah, his brothers and their father (played by Raúl Castillo)

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Raúl Castillo: If I can highlight one theme in “We the Animals” that, to me, embodies Latinos in this country, it would have to be the story of the resilience of the human spirit. We are a resilient people and that shows itself in the family of this film and in the character of Jonah, specifically. How vehemently we have been attacked and vilified in recent years and yet we still rise. That, to me, is the story of the Latino family in this country. Justin Torres gave us a great gift with his story about a young, brown queer boy’s coming-of-age.